Stop the Insanity!!!

Look, I’m not a capologist. I don’t even play one on TV. But even I have the common sense to be able to tell you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there is NO way the Celtics even entertain the notion of trading Rajon Rondo.

(Hey, I was right about the 6-Man rotation and the fact that Dice-K will never go to the pen – ask Dowling and Mazz, since they had to listen to my rants 🙂 )

But wait, Rondo will be due a big contract extension! So what says I! A nice bus is useless without it’s driver! Rondo stepped up big time when the Celtics needed him most in the playoffs. Sure, he still plays a bit out of control at times, and he needs to follow Big Baby’s lead and work on that jumper all summer, but the speed, defense, and court sense cannot be replaced.

Now, there’s some sense in trading Ray Allen as he enters the final year of his contract. But (if as rumored) it’s for a top 5 pick in the draft, that’s a bad idea. There isn’t a true impact player in this draft that can really help the Celtics RIGHT NOW. The better idea is to keep the Big Three together for one more year (really, is there any doubt they would have won the title with a healthy KG?), and keep Scal too.

Here’s why: Ray (18 mil) and Scal (3.5 mil) are off the books after next season. While both guys have value now to teams looking to shed salary, it might be a better idea to keep both guys for the duration of the season and renounce their rights afterwards. Clear one more salary off the books, and I think (repeat THINK – I’m a journalist not a mathematician) you’ve got enough money to bring in a max player.

I’m not talking LeBron… but would Dwayne Wade look good in green? Rondo, Wade, Pierce, Garnett, Perk… pick your poison. That’s a vicious starting five with cap relief in sight (Pierce up after 2011, KG after 2012).

Is any of this really going to happen? Probably not… but it’s fun to speculate. Better than watching the Lakers celebrate anyway.



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