Hope you didn’t panic

Now, I am NOT going to say “I told you so”, but here’s hoping that you heeded my earlier advice about not panicking concerning last night’s Red Sox 11-10 debacle of a loss. “It” happens.

I must admit that it took the Orioles a little longer today than I expected to show their true colors ( no, I was not nervous) but in the 9th they pulled a Red Sox( did I say that) coughing up a 4 run lead . And in turn it took the Red Sox, more specifically Josh Beckett, alot longer than I expected to show his true colors as he struggled for the first few innings before settling down.

But, this should relax you when you can win a game when you’re 2 biggest hits come from Rocco Baldelli and Julio Lugo. And thanks to the Orioles for issueing a couple of 2 out walks in the 9th inning.

The world is, again, back to normal. Enjoy a day and half until Tim Wakefield takes the mound on Friday night.



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