Huge Celtics addition

This may be the biggest NBA free agent signing of the off season leaving no doubt as to the Celtics desire to win another World Championship (watching Kobe win it all can do that to an entire organization). Final details of this signing should be worked out by wednesday, but Rasheed was really wooed by the Celtics full court sales pitch on their road trip to his house last Thursday since he didn’t even listen to the sales pitch by San Antonio and Orlando

34 year old Rasheed Wallace is listed at 6-11 and 230 pounds but plays (and probably is) about 15-20 pounds heavier. He is exactly what the Celtics need considering the state of poor Leon Powe’s blown out knee and the tenuous state of Glen Davis’s status with the Celtics. Unfortunately Wallace’s signing probably signals the end of the Big Baby ERA here in Boston since there will be alot less playing time left for Davis with Wallace in a Celtics Uniform. Now look for San Antonio to make a big play for Big Baby.

By the way-Rasheed’s production has not gone down much even tho he’s been in the League 14 years (since being drafted 1 spot in front of Kevin Garnett). He averages 12 pts a game and still shoots 36% from 3 pt land. He is going to open up the middle for Rondo. The start of the season, and the playoffs cannot come soon enough.



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