Wakefield, finally, an All-Star

Oh, those baseball players are such jokers.

Before today’s game Tim Wakefield was called into the Managers office. Already in the office was Dustin Pedroia, Kevin Youkilis, Josh Beckett and Jonathon Papelbon all of whom had their all-star stuff with them. Wakefield has played more years in the majors than all 4 of those guys combined but they made Wakefield wait until the very end before they told him he had made his 1st all-star team. It’s about time.

Over the last few days Wakefield had done his best to downplay the importance of making his 1st all-star team stressing that he had no control over it. The soon to be 43 year old Wakefield emphasized that he had 2 world series titles on his resume so an all-star appearance wasn’t that big of  a deal. Rubbish.  Put this one into the category of good things happening to good people

Wakefield, who has now made more starts than any pitcher in Red Sox history, will take his 10 and 3 record and his entire family to St Louis next week for the 80th annual mid summer classic. Tampa Bay manager Joe Madden now better make sure that Wakefield gets into the game.



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