Tom Brady the new Johnny Unitas

1st word out of Patriots training Camp is that Tom Brady is wearing high top black cleats ala Johnny Unitas. And oh yah, so far he looks just fine completing the majority of his passes.

Randy Moss was the only notable absentee but practiced this afternoon. This morning’s practice was stopped about 15 minutes early because a rainstorm which had started 15 minutes earlier turned into a thunderstorm and Bill Belichick got his troops off the field. Afterwards Belichick was his usually understated self saying that not only was it nice to have Tom Brady back on the field but the other players (Adalius Thomas, Lawrence Maroney, and Terrence Wheatley who you might not know much about now but he received plenty of playing time on todays 1st defense) who did not finish last season because of injuries.

For you football diehards the Patriots defense today played alot of time with 4 defense lineman (the 4th was BC rookie Ron Brace) with just 3 linebackers with Gary Guyton joining Adalius Thomas and either Tedy Bruschi or Jerod Mayo. Once the season starts Mayo will not be sitting out much at all. 

More tomorrow when we will hear from both Tom Brady and Randy Moss


Much more coming up on NewsCenter 5 at 5 and 6


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