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Bruschi announces Retirement with wife Heidi at side
August 31, 2009

With His wife at his side and his coach choking up for the first time in anyone’s memory, Tedy Bruschi called it quits.

An emotional Belichick called Bruschi the perfect player saying he did everything right at just the right time. Bruschi said that Belichick taught him how to win. Bruschi also said that it was time to retire because he felt fulfilled tho he said that he would still think about that Super Bowl loss to the Giants.

Bruschi was accompanied by his wife Heidi but his 3 sons said that they would rather stay home and play with their transformers.

Bruschi has got to be one of the 2 most popular Patriots of all time (with another player with the initials TB as the other of the top 2).

Bruschi will never be forgotten for coming back from a stroke in 2005 to play 4 more very effective years by, as he pointed out, actually leading the team in tackles a couple of those years.

He was one of the few players who you knew how he felt. He actually  expressed his feelings and was not muffled by Belichick. He will be missed by everyone-coaches, teammates, media members and fans. He is one of the real good guys ever to wear a Patriot uniform.



Brady has “Sore Shoulder”
August 28, 2009

There is concern over Tom Brady’s shoulder. I’m not saying major concern and I’m not saying that he will miss any time but because alot of starters don’t play the final pre-season game, there will probably be some speculation as to how Brady’s shoulder feels after tonight’s hard hit.

It happened near the end of the 2nd quarter when Brady was hit hard by Washington’s Albert Haynesworth after releasing the ball and driven to the ground on Brady’s right shoulder. He grabbed his shoulder a little while on the ground but took a hand from Haynesworth to get up.

Brady was seen on the bench trying to stretch his shoulder out a little and in the 2nd half went back into the locker room. You can bet that he will not be talking after the game. The Patriots have just announced that Brady has a “Sore Shoulder”.

Ok, enough of this talk about Tom Brady wanting to be hit. The next time we see Brady just might be Monday night September 14 for the season opener against the Buffalo Bills, on Channel 5.


Brady-Moss Like Taking Candy from a Baby
August 28, 2009

If there was ever any doubt as to the ability of Tom Brady to reconnect with Randy Moss to again become one of the most prolific tandems in NFL history, tonight’s pre-season game against the Redskins should answer that.

In the 1st quarter and 5 seconds of tonight’s game, Brady hit Moss (6 catches for 90 yards) twice for touchdowns from 26 yards and 27 yards away. It appeared that the 2 could have combined for 2 more TD’s in the 1st half if they really wanted to.

The Brady to Galloway connection still needs some work (Welker did not play). Brady completed 12 of 19 passes for 150 yards as he just played the 1st half.

The Patriots running game is still a work in progress.

The Patriots defense is still having their struggles like a 73 yard Redskins pass completion that led to the Redskin’s 2nd TD of the 1st half. Tho Jonathan Willhite intercepted a pass and took it back 99 yards for a TD (against rookie quarterback Colt Brennan)

But while the rest of the Patriots team continues to improve, Brady and Moss are ready to start the regular season and alone can carry the Patriots a long way until the rest of the team catches up, or at least tries to catch up.


Nick Green better than Penny?
August 27, 2009

In this game, Nick Green was the best pitcher period. Much better than Red Sox starter Junichi Tazawa (who gave up 9 runs) and better than White Sox pitcher John Danks (who gave up 2 runs), better than fellow Red Sox pitcher Ramon Ramirez , who gave up 3 hits and no runs. So how much better can you be than giving up just 3 hits and no runs? by giving up no hits and that is what Nick Green did.

With the Red Sox trailing 9-2 in the 8th inning Terry Francona decided not to waste any of his real pitchers instead opting for his hard throwing back-up shortstop Nick Green, and Green proved Francona a genius by not giving up a hit in 2 innings. Now Green did walk 3 batters but no hits and no runs throwing 90 miles per hour. He threw mostly fastballs with a slider or 2 mixed in here and there.

On this night Nick Green was the most hitless pitcher the Red Sox had and on a night the Red Sox got blasted 9-5, Nick Green was the highlight of the night, despite J D Drew’s 2 home runs (and my son catching a foul ball).


What’s up with Beckett?
August 24, 2009

Just one week ago Josh Beckett was the Front runner for the American League Cy Young Award. Today, he is just one of about 5 contenders. 2 More starts like his last 2 and his name won’t even be mentioned in the discussion.

As disappointing as Beckett’s performance was last Tuesday against Toronto, Sunday night’s debacle against the Yankees was, well, painful.

Most importantly, what is ahead for Beckett? What happened? Is he tired? This coming Friday he will take on Toronto, again. Beckett has had a history of struggling against the Jays. He has to end his own personal slump if the Red Sox have any chance of making the playoffs as the Wild Card team.

The good news is that The Red Sox offense appears to be hitting it’s stride . And Clay Buccholtz and Tunichi Kazawa are both pitching very well. But Beckett needs to re-find his groove.


Ocho-Cinco kicks the extra point
August 20, 2009

The most exciting play of this game just happened and it wasn’t the Cincinnati touchdown ( which was a pass over Terrence Wheatley’s head). Chad Ocho-Cinco ( the artist formerly known as Chad Johnson) just kicked the extra point. That looks to be about it. It’s 7-6 Bengals at halftime. zzzzz


Brady Done for the Night
August 20, 2009

Time to turn it over to the Red Sox game, Tom Brady’s night is finished after just one quarter. Brady completed 4 of 8 for 57 yards in a rather unspectacular performance, but then again aren’t all pre-season performances rather unspectacular?

Kevin O’Connell is in….and now so is Tedy Bruschi on defense….and Having gotten the ball back Lawrence Maroney is in and made a nice move on a reception. He’d better have alot more good moves left in in this season.


Brady gets Rocked
August 20, 2009

No presents from the QB to Nick Kaczur this week. Kaczur just allowed the man he was supposed to be blocking to get around him  and crush Brady. Brady’s alright, but after that sack he could not lead his team to a 1st down and now Cincinnati has the ball. That won’t last long-they are terrible.


Patriots 3-0
August 20, 2009

Gostkowski 32 yard field goal. Brady 3-7 for 45 yards. 2 of those incompletions were to open receivers who would have scored TD’s.

Stadium now half full.


Game time
August 20, 2009

82 degrees and 78% humidity and the Patriots will kickoff(which went into the end zone for a touchback).

Former Patriots General Manager Patrick Sullivan was the honory captain for tonight’s coin toss. A nice gesture since Patrick’s late Dad Billy was inducted in the Patriots hall of fame before tonight’s game. The Late Jim Nance, the 1966 AFL MVP and Patriots all time leader in rushing TD’s was also put into the Hall, the 14th former Patriots to receive that honor.

Cincinnati showed us on the very 1st series why they were so bad last year. Here comes Brady and he gets a standing ovation from the half empty stadium.