KenFlo Ready To Make The Jump

On Saturday, August 8 in Philadelphia, Dover native Kenny Florian will challenge mixed martial arts legend B.J. Penn for the UFC lightweight title. And after watching him train a few nights ago at the training center he and his brother run in Brookline, I’m pretty sure he’s going to pull it off.

There’s something different about the fighter known as KenFlo, even from when we last caught up with him nearly two years ago. He’s definitely more confident, and seems comfortable with his now established role not as a UFC up and comer, but a legitimate star.

In many ways, he’s become one of the main faces of the promotion. Between breaking out in the first season of the Ultimate Fighter reality show, to winning his last six fights (the last three against big time competition: Joe Lauzon, Roger Huerta, Joe Stevenson), and adding broadcasting to his resume (color commentary at WEC 41, hosting MMA Live on, and he’ll be filling in for Joe Rogan at the next Ultimate Fight Night), it’s hard not to bring up his name when talking UFC.

So the time seems just about right for him to make the leap. And with lawmakers set to create a regulatory commission for MMA in Massachusetts (the bill passed the Senate 34-1, and is expected to be a done deal by October), we could be seeing a UFC show (with a Fan Fest) at the TD Garden by next summer. Let’s say Kenny wins the belt. He’d be on track to make one defense before possibly defending the title in front of the home crowd (and let’s face it, he’d fight on that card no matter what). How cool would that be for not only Florian and his family, but all the fight fans here in Massachusetts.

Here are the links to the uncut interview with Kenny.

Part 1: Opening Florian Martial Arts Center

Part 2: Regulating MMA in Massachusetts

Part 3: Training to face BJ Penn

Part 4: Bringing the title to Massachusetts

Part 5: Life after fighting

Part 6: Brock Lesnar

To check out the slideshow, CLICK HERE.

For more on the Florian Martial Arts Center CLICK HERE.

To go back to, CLICK HERE.


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