53 Games still Left to Play

The rally cry for the Red Sox has to be that there are still 53 games left to play because if you focus on the last 5 games then you might be heading toward the Tobin Bridge (and not for sight seeing purposes)

So how has this Red Sox ship taken on so much water so quickly? Isn’t this the same team which defeated the Yankees 8 straight earlier this season? Now they can hardly get a hit and they can not score a run or at least they haven’t in the last 2 games and 24 innings. And I am NOT buying the David Ortiz distraction excuse tho his slump is a major factor. And the slumps of Jason Varitek and poor over matched Nick Green, and for that matter everyone else the last 2 games (except Jacoby Ellsbury).

On the positive side, Clay Buchholz (And of course Josh Beckett the day before) pitched well enough to win, but where’s the offense?? I don’t know the answer. Terry Francona doesn’t know the answer. Hitting Coach Dave Magadan doesn’t know the answer. Theo Epsteing doesn’t know the answer. They all have about a week to find it or else the 46 games remaining by then just may not be enough.

So Can Jon Lester out pitch Andy Petitte tomorrow night? Yes, he can. The problem is that the Yankees hitters can out hit the Red Sox slumpsters and that could be enough. Somebody, anybody needs to get hot. Jason Varitek and David Ortiz need to take turns sitting out so Victor Martinez And Mike Lowell can play every day. Their bats are needed, badly.

If something good doesn’t happen tomorrow, specifically a win, then the only person who will get cheered come Monday’s return to Fenway will be David Ortiz. Today David Ortiz said exactly what we thought he would. He said he didn’t take any steroids but instead some over the counter supplements. (actually by what came out today from the players association rep, it is possible that Ortiz did not even test positive for performance enhancing drugs because not all of the names in the report tested positive).

Monday the Fenway faithful will rally behind one of their own like they always do especially when one of their own is attacked by outsiders. So we have that to look forward to. Hopefully there is more than that to look forward to.



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