Brady Speaks on everything

Name a subject, Tom Brady will speak on it. At least that’s what happened after todays last open morning workout (a workout held in just shorts and T-Shirts) before Thursday night’s pre-season Opener at Philadelphia.

Brady told us that he will be a little nervous before Thursday night’s pre-season game but no more nervous than he is before every game he plays. He also talked about getting hit on his surgically repaired knee with an uncanny calmness expressing that if he gets hurt again, he gets hurt again. It’s part of the game he plays. Now, he doesn’t expect to get hurt again and is excited to get out there and play football again. He expects to play thursday night because he has done everything in camp to get ready but he does not know how long he will play.

Brady also talked about his relationship with the late Eunice Kennedy Shriver saying that he saw her just a few months ago at a Best Buddies event on the Cape and was grateful for her support to that program as well as Special Olympics. Brady also mentioned what a great example she has been to everyone in helping others.

Brady also talked about his recent appearance on the HBO show Entourage saying that it was fun and that he dealt with alot of New York guys who he thought he turned into Patriots fans by the end of the shooting.

Brady also talked about his photo spread in the magazine “Details”. He said that he does one of these a year but that he is not competing against his super model wife Gisele. “She doesn’t give me any hints”. I asked him if he takes abuse from his teammates for photo shoots like these and he told me that he has taken their abuse for 10 years but in the long run they are the benficiaries of his extracurricular activities/deals. “They get Vitamin Water delivered to their door. They get watches, SUV”s so usually whats good for me is what’s good for them.”



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