Brady’s 1st appearance-How good?

I know it was just a preseason game but Patriots fans everywhere can now breathe a little easier. Tom Brady is back and looked pretty good. I know alot of fans are saying that he looked great but there is still a ways to go if he is to fulfill his expectations.

Statistically, Brady was 10-15 for 100 yards and 2 TD’s, both of which went to new tight end Chris Baker who used to play for the Jets. Brady threw deep twice to Randy Moss, the 1st of which was right on target but former Patriot and present Eagle Asante Samuel grabbed Moss’s arm and was called for a pass interference penalty, a 56 yard penalty. Brady’s 2nd long pass was intercepted. It was not a great pass but Moss made no attempt to catch it or at least break up the interception. Brady displayed genuine anger at the outcome slamming his hand on the bench but if Moss would have given an honest effort there may not have been as much anger. (Thank goodness Brady did not hurt himself).

Brady played nearly the entire 1st half, looked mobile  enough and received very good protection. He is well on his way to having another Pro Bowl season. Will it be good enough for another Super Bowl? Alot has to happen for another Super Bowl most importantly good health to a core of valuable Patriot players.

It was a good start. Very Encouraging. Let’s get to the playoffs and see what happens.



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