Patriots Pre-season Home Opener

It is still very warm and humid here in Foxboro but at least the sun has set and the field at Gillette Stadium is in the shadows. And oh yah Tom Brady is out warming up with his teammates in the their blue jerseys while their opponents- the Cincinnati Bengals are in their distinctive white jerseys with orange and black bengal striped on the shoulder pads.

The Bengals have gone into the locker room for their final pre-game preps. The Patriots are still on the field for a few more minutes and we are 30 minutes from kickoff. Wes Welker is on the field and dressed ready to play.

By the way, Everybody must realize that it is the 2nd last weekend of the summer (at least as far as school goes) because there are alot of empty seats, and I do mean ALOT. I didn’t get my dates mixed up and It’s really the revolution who are playing tonight?



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