Brady-Moss Like Taking Candy from a Baby

If there was ever any doubt as to the ability of Tom Brady to reconnect with Randy Moss to again become one of the most prolific tandems in NFL history, tonight’s pre-season game against the Redskins should answer that.

In the 1st quarter and 5 seconds of tonight’s game, Brady hit Moss (6 catches for 90 yards) twice for touchdowns from 26 yards and 27 yards away. It appeared that the 2 could have combined for 2 more TD’s in the 1st half if they really wanted to.

The Brady to Galloway connection still needs some work (Welker did not play). Brady completed 12 of 19 passes for 150 yards as he just played the 1st half.

The Patriots running game is still a work in progress.

The Patriots defense is still having their struggles like a 73 yard Redskins pass completion that led to the Redskin’s 2nd TD of the 1st half. Tho Jonathan Willhite intercepted a pass and took it back 99 yards for a TD (against rookie quarterback Colt Brennan)

But while the rest of the Patriots team continues to improve, Brady and Moss are ready to start the regular season and alone can carry the Patriots a long way until the rest of the team catches up, or at least tries to catch up.



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