Bruschi announces Retirement with wife Heidi at side

With His wife at his side and his coach choking up for the first time in anyone’s memory, Tedy Bruschi called it quits.

An emotional Belichick called Bruschi the perfect player saying he did everything right at just the right time. Bruschi said that Belichick taught him how to win. Bruschi also said that it was time to retire because he felt fulfilled tho he said that he would still think about that Super Bowl loss to the Giants.

Bruschi was accompanied by his wife Heidi but his 3 sons said that they would rather stay home and play with their transformers.

Bruschi has got to be one of the 2 most popular Patriots of all time (with another player with the initials TB as the other of the top 2).

Bruschi will never be forgotten for coming back from a stroke in 2005 to play 4 more very effective years by, as he pointed out, actually leading the team in tackles a couple of those years.

He was one of the few players who you knew how he felt. He actually  expressed his feelings and was not muffled by Belichick. He will be missed by everyone-coaches, teammates, media members and fans. He is one of the real good guys ever to wear a Patriot uniform.



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