What was Francona thinking?

In full disclosure I think Terry Francona is a good manager. But then again I believe that in most cases managing a baseball game is not that complicated. In most all cases the better talent wins. What Francona does very well, in fact better than any other previous Red Sox manager, is manage people, people like Manny and a few other near unmanageable players(characters) and their egos.

Having said that, Francona made a bad move Wednesday night that cost the Red Sox 2 runs in a 3 run game. He put Manny DelCarmen in during the 8th inning to pitch to Evan Longoria. With the way DelCarmen pitches and the way Evan Longoria hits, this had trouble written all over it and, with a man on base,  Longoria hit DelCarmen’s very 1st pitch into the left field seats to turn a 1 run game into a 3 run game.

This 8-5 Red Sox loss was even harder to take since the Red Sox had battled back from a 5-1 deficit to tie the game at 5 in the 8th inning. And then Takashi Seito and DelCarmen gave it away.  By the way, what’s wrong with Daniel Bard? He should have been pitching in the 8th.

So the Sox split their 1st 2 games at the Tropicana Dome and hope that Clay Buccholz can lead them to a series win Thursday night in St Pete.



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