Belichick’s job just got tougher

If you ever had hopes of seeing some name players in the final pre-season game of the year-forget about it.  The Patriots subs, no, make that the super subs, justified Bill Belichick’s reasoning for not playing any of his regulars in a pre-season final by coming from 21 points behind to beat the New York Giants. And those super subs also just made Bill Belichick’s job of cutting nearly 20 players by Saturday at 4pm even more difficult.

Tonight the Patriot Super subs, after looking like sloppy subs getting out to a 21-0 deficit, came back to beat the Giants 38-27. Who knew?

BenJarvis Green-Ellis guranteed himself a job by rushing for 125 yards and 3 TDs. That job  may not be with the Patriots but after this performance he will be making his living in the NFL. The same goes for rookie quarterback Brian Hoyer.

Hoyer, the undrafted free agent out of Michigan State, played the entire game completing 18-25 for 242 yards and a touchdown to earn a Tom Brady like rating of 115.8 .

Belichick’s Patriots roster needs to be reduced to 53 by Saturday at 4 pm



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