Seymour Traded to Oakland

If you thought the Patriots defense was going to look considerably different this season without Mike Vrabel, Rodney Harrison, Ellis Hobbs and Tedy Bruschi, well you’d better buy a program because you can add Richard Seymour to that departed list. this morning the Patriots traded Seymour to the Oakland Raiders for a 1st round draft choice in 2111.

Tough to lose Seymour but it looks like another shrewd move by Belichick as you can hardly ever acquire a 1st round draft choice in a trade, much less from such a lousy team which will in all likelihood produce a high 1st round draft choice.

So why trade Seymour besides the fact that you get an extremely valuable draft pick? Obviously Belichick thinks he has enough quality defensive lineman like Jarvis Green to take Seymour’s spot. Then there is the all important money factor, which is how the Kraft organization works. To Paraphrase Tom Cruise in the movie Jerry McGuire “It’s all about the money” and according to the Patriots formula Defensive tackle Richard Seymour was making too much money for what he was contributing. And more importantly, his contract was up soon and he was next (after Vince Wilfork) in the renegotiating line.

So Seymour is gone after 8 very productive years considering he was voted to 5 pro bowls (and oh Yah, 5 Super Bowl appearances). In 2007 he missed half the season with an injury but almost every other year he was pretty healthy missing just a game or 2. He held out of camp once due to a contract dispute. That did not sit well with management and to this day still leaves a sour taste in their mouth. The Patriots did not want to deal with that again.

Seymour, who was a 2001 1st round draft choice out of Georgia, was one of the few Patriots who was relatively friendly and co-operative with the media. In fact so were former Patriots Harrison, Hobbs, Vrabel and Bruschi.  Coincidence? Must be.



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