Brady’s magic is back

The old red Uniforms looked great. Even Tom Brady’s old school (Johnny Unitas) high black cleats fit the part. But it was the finish of last night’s game that everyone will remember most. Tom Brady is back.

Randy Moss said after the game that Brady came into the huddle with 5 :25 to go, down by 11 points, and told his teammates that “It’s time to get going. We’re going to win this game”. How can you not believe him after what he has done over his career except for the fact that to that point in the game Brady had been kind of normal.

For the final 5:25 Brady was anything but normal, or should I say “Normal Brady”, completing 12 of 14 passes for 111 yards and 2 touchdowns. Sounds Normal Brady to me because that is what we have come to expect from the 32-year-old. For someone who has led this franchise to 3 Super Bowls, what is a little comeback regular season win, tho it did look pretty improbably with 5:25 to go.

Brady looked a little rusty to start his 1st regular season game in a year. Maybe it was the black hi-tops that were making him look out of sync. Maybe he was worrying about Gisele’s morning sickness. Randy Moss called it 1st game jitters, tho this is Moss’s 12th year in the league and you would think that he would be over that. Maybe it was the Red Uniforms.

For the last 5:25 of that game it looked as tho Brady’s pulse never wavered, his heartbeat never increased. Like performing a mundane task like making copies. He methodically put his original onto the glass screen, closed the cover and hit the copy button, tho he needed about 100 copies in about 10 seconds. No problem. they came flying out, and were correlated perfectly-4 passes to Welker, 2 passes to Moss, 2 to Falk and 3 to Ben Watson, 2 of those for touchdowns.

Brady is back. He said it felt good to get the 1st one over. Next up is the Jets. What is next for Tom Brady? Whatever it is-it is bound to be good.



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