Don’t try to fool Brady

A few of the assembled media horde at todays Patriots media availability tried to goad Tom Brady into responding to a few controversial remarks by members of the Jets.  Please. Those media members must be rookies.

Today Brady responded to the media questions in a manner that would make his coach proud (and maybe even smile). He said nothing at all controversial or adversarial.

Brady said it was good to have the 1st game behind him and get “into the real regular season”. He also said that he expects a tough game from an aggressive Jets defense. Brady said that the Jets are confident and that they should be after Sunday’s convincing opening win against Houston.

What about the comment new Jets coach Rex Ryan made about not being here to kiss Bill Belichick’s Super Bowl Rings? Brady wouldn’t touch that one with a 10 foot pole as he gave an answer that had virtually nothing to do with the question (Bill must have been so proud).

How about the comment the Jets made that this game will be like a Super Bowl (1st of all how would the Jets know what a Super Bowl feels like?? then again this may be as close as they get to a Super Bowl playing a Super Bowl contender). Brady said quickly- “this is NOT a Super Bowl. They take place in February”  He knows.

Brady said he would “not guarantee anything, until next week”…then he took back that comment to say he wouldn’t be guaranteeing anything anytime.

More coming up this evening on SportsCenter5 at 6.



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