Welker out, Patriots-Jets Prediction

Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker reportedly will not play in todays game with the Jets which should be a relatively major factor with the jets blitzing defense bound to force Tom Brady into quick decisions. So who will pick up the slack?

-I do not see Randy Moss having a big day because Brady will look to complete quick passes. Could #11 rookie Julian Edeleman, the Wes Welker clone, step up? I think he needs to be a factory for the Pats to be succesful. And look for the Pats running backs, namely Kevin Falk to step up as well.

OK, now to the predictions. I saw this game going 1 of 3 directions. 1)A convincing Patriot win, 2) Patriots/Brady pull out a close one, 3) the Jets win a close one.  Well, with Welker out, so goes option #1 which leaves us with Options 2 or 3……

The percentages lie with the Jets finally winning a game down here, after 8 straight losses to the Patriots here at Giants stadium, the final Pats-Jets game here at Giants stadium. The aggressive Jets defense has got to cause problems for Tom Brady so my head says the Jets will finally turn the tables.

….but my heart keeps on saying Tom Brady, if he is really all the way back to the old pre-injury Tom Brady. My head says he is not, not yet anyway. And remember this- individual regular season games mean little in the long run (2007!). Losses can make a team work harder and more focused, something this team may need with the loss of so many of its leaders.



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