How much should Pats fans Panic

Repeat after me- It’s only 1 regular season game. One game by itself in the regular season means little unless, of course, you see a trend. And the 2 game trend, besides the final 5 minutes of the Buffalo game is that the Patriots offense is not clicking. And Pats fans were worried about the defense.

The defense has been better than alot of experts predicted. I am not ready to say that the Pats defense is good, but it has kept the team in the 1st 2 games. The teams offense was supposed to carry the team. It has not even carried it’s own weight.

Everyone knew that the Jets were going to blitz and blitz often. Everyone that is, except the Patriots by the looks of how things went. Seriously, let’s give the Patriots credit for the fact that they must have prepared for the blitz, but take that credit away for not preparng for it in a way that they could contain it. That is disturbing especially considering that Bill Belichick is supposedly the defensive genius. Does that mean that coaching is a bit overrated (or did he get outcoached) and that this game still just comes down to talent and so the Patriots overall talent is relatively even with both the Bills and the Jets?

Not having Wes Welker for the Jets game obviously hurt the Patriots but I don’t think that his appearance alone would have made the difference in todays outcome. Having watched 2 weeks of games in the NFL you can begin to see who looks to be the cream of the crop and most those teams (such as Pittsburgh and the Giants) have excellent defenses.

So what’s next for the Patriots?- 2 very good (and undefeated) teams in the Falcons and the Ravens (fortunately both games are in Foxboro). One led by a pretty strong offense and the other by a strong defense-both with young solid quarterbacks. These are going to be 2 major tests for the Patriots who had better improve in a hurry. A 1-3 start may have some people heading to the Tobin Bridge.



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