Have you had enough of Byrd?

I hope you aren’t getting too tired of Paul Byrd because you are going to see him every 5 days (2 more times) the next week and half. Why? Simply to make sure the real Red Sox starters get the rest they need in preparations for the playoffs.

Don’t count on seeing Tim Wakefield again this year. As a true team player he went out there Monday night when he should have been home in bed. He is done for the rest of the year. The only question is if the Red Sox bullpen can give the Red Sox some much needed innings as the starters try to get their rest going 5 or 6 innings in most of the rest of their starts.

Take a look at the innings pitched by some of the top 3 starters-Beckett, Lester, and Buccholz (I know most of us were minor league innings)  and they are high compared to other seasons. The Red Sox know this and will do their best to gear their innings down the next week and a half since, at this point- 7 games back, they can back their way into the wild card spot while winning the AL East would require a total collapse by the Yankees which is not going to happen.

So do not look for anything too spectacular the last 12 games of the season. And please, Please, Red Sox don’t again have one of your over the top celebrations for clinching the wild card playoff spot. Wait until you really win something.



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