Who Are Those Guys?

You may have noticed the hilarious “fan umpires” sitting two rows behind home plate during Tuesday’s Red Sox game. They are actually cult heroes on the big league circuit these days. Toronto Stock Exchange traders Joe Farrell and Tim Williams are Blue Jays season ticket holders who got ahold of some legit umpiring gear and travel the baseball world calling balls and strikes along with the real umpire.

These guys are 100% the real deal. They have actual equipment, including spare balls, a brush for home plate, and a clicker to keep track of the count. There is a great write-up (with video) on their exploits here. They’ve even been featured on ESPN.

In a game where the Blue Jays were pounding the Sox for 7 of the 9 innings, these guys provided some much needed comic relief. I snapped this picture of them after the game, but only after waiting about 20 minutes for seemingly every fan in the ballpark to take a picture with them!


crazy umpire guys


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