Get Ready for Red Sox late Night

The Red Sox Playoff schedule has been set  and you’d better start taking your No-Doze.

Red Sox-Angels game #1 is Thursday night at 9:37 pm ET followed by the identical start time on Friday night. Both games are in Anaheim. Jon Lester will pitch game #1  while Josh Beckett will pitch game #2.

Games #3, and 4 will take place Sunday and Monday at Fenway park. No starting times have been announced. All games will be on TBS.

And if you care the Yankees begin their playoffs on Wednesday evening at 6:07 (game #2 same time on Friday) against the winner of tomorrows Tigers@Twins playoff game. …How is that for an advantage for the Yankees-not only do they begin at home but their opponent plays an emotionally charged playoff game the afternoon before and then hops on a plane in Minnesota to fly to New York late the night before the series starts?

C’mon Major League Baseball. They should have made an adjustment that says if you are involved in a playoff game (much less a playoff game 2 days after the season ends) then your playoff series will begin on thursday.



10 Responses

  1. Right on… Completely unfair to make the Central Division winner travel on no rest to play in NY… granted they have an off day Thursday…

    But could momentum carry over for the Twins or Tigers? Could the mighty Yanks be iced after 2 days off? Doubtful.

  2. I think your whining here about the Sox schedule and apparent “advantage” that the Yankees hold really just highlights your ignorance rather than offering any real insight.

    As for “c’mon major league baseball”, you should probably tell readers that MLB wanted the Twins/Tigers game played TODAY. However, the home team (Minnesota) had a conflict with their arena (some guy named Favre plays there tonight). The Twins forced the game to be played Tuesday and it’s their own fault that the winner there will need to get to NY quickly.

    As for a Yankee advantage, THAT’S WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU WIN MORE GAMES THAN ANYONE ELSE! I am not a Yankee fan, but that is just how sports works. If you win more games than anyone else, you get home field advantage in playoffs. And with MLB, you can also choose your preferred schedule for the opening round series. (This rotates between AL and NL every year).

    And complaining about late starts? Really? Do you realize that LA is the home team in this series? They are a division winner (Red Sox are a wildcard) who won more games than the Sox. And they are also on the West Coast and THREE HOURS BEHIND US! Should the games there be started at a more convenient time for people who live on the other side of the country? Or should it be held at the time they normally hold their games?

    So stop the cry-babying and get ready for the Sox to beat the Angels!!

    • No whining here, just seems like a dumb MLB rule (that in fact didn’t exist a few years ago and one that I think they will amend after this years experience) that you can pick that late in the process when you want to play your first playoff game.
      The Yankees have already admitted that they will take the schedule with game #1 on wed. They should just make it public earlier. It does not seem fair tho for a team involved in a playoff game to have to play the very next day. I think you will see that rule changed.
      Again, the late starts don’t bother me, but last year they changed it up with one late night start and one earlier, just like they did it here with different starting times for games 3 and 4.
      My comment about c’mon major league baseball had nothing to do with the time and place of the twins-tigers game. I didn’t think I needed to “tell me readers” why the tigers-twins game is being played on tuesday because I figured my readers were informed enough to know why. I was just referring to the difficulty of the winner of that playoff game playing the very next day in a different city. MLB wants each team to have a fair chance in the playoffs and I think that will put the winner of that twins-tigers game at a disadvantage. My proposal is that if you are involved in an extra playoff game than you should start your playoff series on thursday, if possible.

  3. obviously MLB is shifting the schedule to accomodate the yankees
    why should they start early and why doesn’t the other team have a rest day or travel day. Seems pretty unfair to me but then you dealing with the steinbrenners

  4. How about people who can’t afford cable or satellite, how can they watch the game?

    Ken M.

    • good point. Guess you will have to find a local eating establishment that has TV’s

  5. Get you facts right, the schedule has not been set, the pitchers yes. The Yankees have an hour after the Twins/Tigers game to pick which schedule they want. The Yankees will probably pick Wednesday. I am sure if the Red Sox hadn’t fallen flat and they were in the home field advantage position you wouldn’t be so upset.

    • I’m well aware that the Yankees have until an hour after the twins-tigers playoff game to make their decision (tho thank you for pointing that out) . I’m just trying to help you out in advance with what that decision will be.
      In fact I’m not upset at all with the schedule, I kind of like the late night games (tho not too good for young kids who have school the next day and would like to watch the game live). I’m just trying to offer some advice that if you want to stay up for the games, you just may have to take some no-doze.

  6. Right on – Mike D! Sox fans, stop your whining. Its not attractive and makes you look like a gang of poor losers. Also, the MLB is not shifting anything to accomodate the Yankees or any other MLB team. The NFL and ESPN were not willing to be flexible.

    • Well Deb, looks like we are the only reasonable ones! Go Sox!

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