Can Patriots possibly be this good?

Or is Tennessee that bad? As usual, the answer is somewhere in between. But The Titans are not a good team, no matter what Bill Belichick says, still.

For some of the concerned (ok, panicked is more like it) Patriots fans, it was a relief to see Tom Brady complete a couple of long passes, something he had a little problem doing the 1st 5 games of this year. I was most impressed with the way Brady played in the inclement weather.

I know that Brady and many team members should be used to playing in New England weather, but still, dealing successfully with the unexpected snow and cold in the middle of October was impressive to me.

But most importantly, in my eyes, to the long term success of this team was the play of the Patriots defense. I know Tennessee’s offense  was not good but the Patriots defense did have a little to do with that. 6 fumbles (again, a few of them the Titans need to take full credit/blame for ) and 2 interceptions. Titans quarterback Kerry Collins (2-14 minus 7 yards) was bad but his receivers were maybe worse dropping at least 6 passes. But, the Patriots did intercept 2 passes (by rookies Darius Butler and Pat Chung) and Brandon Merriweather directly caused one of their 6 fumbles.

It appears that their are now (finally) a couple of Patriots defensive players auditioning for the critical role of a defensive playmaker. I would put Jerod Mayo and Brandon Merriweather at the top of that list

For the diehard fans who braved yesterdays elements, yesterdays 2nd quarter NFL record breaking offensive output was unforgettable as the Patriots looked like the offensive juggernaut of 2007. 5 TD passes in one quarter? 45-0 at halftime. It was like watching men play boys. Patriots fans just hope that the Patriots can continue to play like men the rest of the season. And that thru the rest of this season the Pats run into even more boys playing this game meant for men only



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