Big Baby Out

A General Manager expects injuries- that’s why he build’s depth to a team. And  GM Danny Ainge has seen all kinds of missteps that have kept players out of games from with the likes of Rickey Davis (whose car was once found in a river) to Sebastian Telfair, who was arrested with a gun and questioned about a shooting after Telfair was robbed. So this past weekends “misstep” by Big Baby is not shocking Ainge, just disappointing because he tried to get rid of all the knuckleheads who used to dominate his roster (think Mark Blount).

Now I’m not saying that Glen Davis is a knucklehead, but he was certainly involved in a knucklehead action over the weekend when he got in an altercation with an acquaintance that will keep Davis out of the Celtics lineup for at least the 1st month of the season. This past off-season Davis signed a 2 year contract extension worth 3 million dollars a year, a fact that you would think would add some maturity and responsibility. But Davis is just 23 years old. Remembering back to when we were just 23, we were not the most mature individuals and we all made some ill advised decisions (tho I never got in a fight injuring myself, then again I was never 6-7 and 285 pounds).

So Ainge takes this setback in stride (Celtics owners don’t – they are livid) and moves on. Ainge realizes it could be so much worse like any setback Kevin Garnett might suffer. Davis will be back in a month, maybe 2. He’ll learn something from this that should make him a better and more responsible individual. In the meantime he will have to watch his teammates play, and jell together, and win, and win alot. And Big Baby will be on the sideline with plenty of time to think about this knucklehead move.



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