Celtics Stop Losing Streak in Cleveland

It didn’t take long to see which team made the better off-season acquisitions. Advantage Celtics, and those additions helped the Celtics halt an 11 game losing streak in Cleveland lasting nearly 5 years

Even tho Shaq played more minutes than Rasheed Wallace (and new Cleveland guard Anthony Parker played more than new Celtics guard Marquis Daniels) Rasheed’s three 3 pointers and Daniels overall play helped the Celtics bench overcome an early 14 point deficit that the Celtics starters had dug themselves into and propel the Celtics to their 1st win in Cleveland since December of 2004.

Garnett, in his 1st regular season game after off-season knee surgery, looked pretty good playing 33 minutes. It will be very interesting to see how he feels tonight and how many minutes he will (is able to) play tonight. Fortunately tonight’s opponent is the less than stellar Charlotte Bobcats.

Last Friday I asked Danny Ainge who was the most indispensable player on his team and his response was Paul Pierce. Last night Pierce proved Ainge correct by leading the Celtics in scoring and rebounding with 23 and 11. More importantly he hit 2 huge baskets down the stretch to clinch the win over LeBron and company.

I use that last phrase to describe the Cavaliers because last night that is exactly what it looked like. Despite Shaq’s 10 rebounds and 10 points, LeBron just didn’t get a lot of help. After James’s 38 points, guard Mo Williams was next with 12. For the Celtics, Pierce got help from Ray Allen who had 16 and both Garnett and Wallace who had 13 pts apiece. Therein lies the difference between these 2 teams, The Celtics have 4 legitimate veteran scorers not to mention point guard Rajon Rondo who seems to always gives them what they need-last night it was 10 assists and good defense on the Cavs all-star guard Mo Williams (12 pts).



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