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Brady-Brees II
November 30, 2009

If Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have said it once they have said it a thousand times “You have got to win the turnover battle”, and that is where I think this game will be won.

So Let’s take a quick look at how these teams match up in that category.

INTERCEPTIONS Tom Brady-6, Drew Brees-9    advantage PATRIOTS

FUMBLES Patriots-4,  Saints-10                            Advantage PATRIOTS

INTERCEPTIONS CAUSED Patriots-13, Saints-20   Advantage SAINTS

FUMBLES RECOVERED  Patriots-9, Saints-9   Advantage- EVEN

So it appears that the Patriots have the advantage in this category. A Closer look reveals that the Patriots may have an even bigger advantage in the interceptions thrown category considering Brady throws more passes than Brees so Brady’s interception percentage compared to Bree’s makes it even more clear.

Now having said all of that, I think the Saints defense is better than the Patriots with more playmakers-look out for New Orleans Darren Sharper, who is the Saints version of Rodney Harrison. This is the ultimate test for the Patriots defense.

My prediction? Tune in at 8 O’clock for our pre-game show.



Brady-Brees and Tiger
November 30, 2009

No one is happier about the timing of tonight’s Tom Brady-Drew Brees match-up than Tiger Woods and Elin “3 iron” Woods. (not only does her slender figure resemble a 3 iron but apparently no one swings a 3 iron with more venom than Elin proven by her connecting with Tiger’s face and the back window of his Cadillac SUV… Tiger knew when he bought that car that he should have spent the added money on that extra-bullet proof glass).

So, yes, it is time to bump Tiger to a later Tee time and now focus all of our attention on tonight’s Patriots-Saints game on Channel 5. Can the Patriots stop the explosive Saints offense? I don’t think so. So can the Patriots outscore the Saints? Good question and one that I will answer in a few hours as we get closer to kick-off and our pre-game show on Channel 5 which will feature an exclusive interview with Tedy Bruschi and Bill Belichick.


November 29, 2009

With Tom Brady this week having moved his weekly presser to the more manageable media room (don’t think that Randy Moss and his angry preferences didn’t have a LOT to do with that), the question remains can Brady on Monday night move around in the pocket long enough (to connect with what would be a very happy Moss) to hand the Saints their 1st loss of the year.

The Saints are good, and explosive offensively, but they are a little suspect defensively, not a lot but a little. Everyone is predicting a high scoring shootout. I don’t think so, tho I do think the Saints will score close to their average of 36.9/pts a game. The question is can the Patriots put up those type of numbers? What do you think?

I’ll let you know my thoughts tomorrow as we get closer to game time, a game you can see right here on Channel 5, pre-game at 8pm


Patriots-Real contenders?
November 23, 2009

Another Patriots win, but another win over a team with a losing record. So again this week the Patriots get a real test-the undefeated New Orleans Saints, where we will find out if the Patriots are real contenders.

I like the timing of this game with the Saints, who are overdue for a loss. The Saints have escaped a few recent mediocre performances (against a few sub par opponents) to stay undefeated. I had predicted that the Patriots would go 1-1 against the Colts and the Saints and I know that the sour taste of that Indy loss is still with them.

Now, I understand that this game is in New Orleans which stacks the odds against a Patriots win but again, I think the timing is right.

I’ll check in again tomorrow after Tom Brady’s love fest around his locker and let you know if Randy Moss blows a gasket toward a media member who is invading Moss’s space.

Make Lynchie Support Your School
November 22, 2009

So Lynchie has a crazy idea for our High 5 Thanksgiving football special. Here’s the deal – he wants to wear YOUR school’s sweatshirt on the air during our 7:30 show. Four segments – four hoodies. But if you want Mr. Swampscott to wear your colors you’ve got to earn it. Send us a few sentences making your case – our e-mail is – and if you are persuasive enough – we’ll let you know and Mike Lynch will wear your sweatshirt on the air Thanksgiving night!

P.S. Don’t forget – we’ve got not one but TWO Turkey Day specials – our 7:30 tradition, and a late show at 11:25 (where Lynchie could model a few more HS sweatshirts!).

Live Tweeting From Gillette
November 22, 2009

Follow us on Twitter @SportsCenter5 for minute-by-minute updates from Gillette Stadium as the Patriots take on the Jets!

Red Sox, Celts-Orlando, Pats-Jets, Bruins win
November 20, 2009

Lots to talk about heading into a big sports week-end.

RED SOX: Jason Bay today officially enters free agency. That is not good news. The Red Sox have thrown out a 4 year offer worth 60 million that is way too low. The Yankees have more money than that hanging around in pocket change. I do not have e good feeling about this one.

CELTICS: Can the Celtics finally beat a good athletic team (Orlando) at home after losing to 2 such teams (Atlanta and Phoenix) the last 2 Friday night’s at home which hasn’t happened since the 18 straight losses season of  06-07. I know all NBA teams are athletic but the Celtics, with their experience ( age) are not as young and athletic as most NBA teams. This one is going to be a struggle for the Celtics.

PATRIOTS: Can the Patriots come back from last weeks heartbreaking loss to beat the Jets? In a word-Yes. This is going to be decided by halftime. I know the Patriots lost to this team earlier this season 16-9, but the Patriots are much better now, especially their pass offense. And I think the Jets are not better.

HARVARD-YALE: Have to mention The Game, the 126th renewal of The Game, this year in New Haven where under 1st year coach Tom Williams Yale has just a 4-5 record. Will the impetus to finish .500 be enough to carry the Eli’s to a win over the Johnnies? Or will Harvard’s outside chance of winning the Ivy title be enough for them to pull one out on enemy turf? Emotionally you might like to take Yale winning one for their rookie coach but I think talent and experience will win out. Harvard by about 10.

BRUINS: Can the Bruins tonight actually win 2 in a row facing one of the best teams in the east in Buffalo who have won 4 straight at home? I’d be shocked, but that’s what make hockey fun- it’s the most unpredictable of all the sports.

HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL: I am already getting excited for Thanksgiving Day high school football. There’s nothing like it in the country. We will again have unmatched wall to wall coverage. I’m going to Dracut for their game against Methuen. We will have cameras at about 10 games with highlights of at least 10 more games. It will be here before you know it.


Belichick, Brady, Moss back to Normal
November 18, 2009

Bill Belichick admitting (with a chuckle) that he may have sworn once in his 35 years of coaching and Tom Brady saying that he in fact does his own ironing (as the picture in GQ depicts…please) and does his own laundry and cooking (puleeeease). Ah, everything is again back to normal in Foxboro including Randy Moss being a prima-donna.

Moss was irate that reporters, when interviewing Tom Brady,  spilled over into his locker area (which is immediately next to Brady’s). Moss wasn’t actually there (actually most players are not at their lockers during the media accessibility), but then again he couldn’t have been because of the horde of reporters. Moss usually stays at his locker during the weekly Brady session just to get in the media’s way. I know it is his locker area but he isn’t actually doing anything there except sitting and texting people. It is quite a scene. Maybe next week Brady will go back to the podium and away from Sir Moss’s locker area.

Plenty of questions today about the Jets and not many answers, just everyone admitting that they have to play better than they did on September 20 when the Patriots lost to the Jets 16-9. To see what Bill Belichick is really thinking watch SportsCenter 5 at 6.

This game has all the makings of a blowout. The Jets are slumping, having lost 5 of their last 6 while the Patriots haven’t lost 2 in a row in over 3 years. This one could get ugly, if you’re a Jets fan.


Enough Already
November 18, 2009

Please, let’s all get over it!

It was painful but it was a loss that did not end the season. Yes, it could have some playoff ramifications but it’s not like you should fear playing Indy at Indy. In case you’ve forgotten, The Patriots have previously won an AFC championship on the road (Pittsburgh).

The perfect remedy? Jets, Welcome to town. More than one viewer over the past few weeks has told me “Let’s just make sure that the Pats pound the Jets”. Ahh, the Jets!

Losers of their last 2 and 5 of their last 6, The Jets come to town at the perfect time, for the Patriots. Despite their recent woes, this is the same Jets team which beat the Patriots earlier this season 16-9. Payback can be a , well, you know.

So let’s move forward, Sunday is so 3 days ago. In the words of Bill Belichick, the most important game is our next one. Last weeks game has nothing to do with this week. We are not even thinking about last week…. much.

Tom Brady update coming up at Noon


Bad Dream? Sorry it was/is Reality
November 16, 2009

How else can you describe last night’s ill-fated decision by Bill Belichick to go for a 1st down on 4th and 2 from the Patriots 28 yard line, yep-That would be the 28 yard line that is 28 yards away from a Colts touchdown.

The genius just took a major IQ hit. As much confidence as Belichick has in his offense, isn’t the risk reward just too high? Did he think that little of his defense? or his punter? or his punt coverage team?

Belichick kept on reciting after last night’s game that he thought they could get 1 yard. Uh, Bill, you were right, you could get 1 yard and did get one yard. The problem was that you needed 2 yards.

Now, it was just a regular season game and so the genius, or should I say the former genius, can make up for it by winning it all or at the very least by beating Indy in the playoffs. But until then it is going to be a long 10 weeks because this is a decision gone wrong that may be brought up a time or 2 or 3 or 4 or…. well you get the picture.