Celtics Re-Sign Rondo

SportsCenter 5 has learned that The Celtics have reached an agreement in principle with Rajon Rondo which can pay the 23 old point point guard 55 million dollars over the next 5 years.

The 2 sides had been very close in their negotiating which had a league mandated deadline of tonight at midnight. If no agreement was reached then Rondo would have become an unrestricted free agent at the end of this season.  The Celtics would then have had the opportunity to match any offer Rondo received next off season.

The contract Rondo will sign a contract which is basically the same contract that the San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker signed a few years ago and that is the player that Rondo’s agent Bill Duffy used as a comparison which is pretty accurate. Parker is a better shooter than Rondo who is a better defender.

Currently Rondo is 2nd in the league in assists (to Steve Nash) with 11.8/gm (up from 8/gm last year). Rondo is also 2nd in the league in steals (to Kobe Bryant) with 2.5/gm. Rondo is averaging just 6.5 pts a game, down from 12 last year, but with more scorers added to the team Rondo will not be counted on as much to score.

What the Celtics like about Rondo as much as anything else is his toughness. Last night’s game against Chris Paul is exhibit A. Paul was getting frustrated with Rondo’s defense and elbowed him (but of course no foul was called). Rondo had words with Paul afterwards saying basically not to try that stuff anymore. Last year Rondo took on Kobe in a game at the garden. You can’t teach that.

We’ll hear from both sides coming up at 5 and 6 O’clock on NewsCenter 5



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