Celtics win real game

This was actually competitive. In fact almost a little too competitive for the Celtics who barely pulled out a 2 point win over an inspired Minnesota Timberwolves team who played a little over their head in giving the Celtics all they could handle.

Rajon Rondo proved that he can score when he wants to leading the Celts with 18 points, 13 of those in a critical come from behind 3rd quarter. The Celtics bench again contributed but nothing too extraordinary on this night as a balanced starting 5 was critical to this win.

Kevin Garnett contributed 12 points and 11 rebounds but he is obviously not back to 100%. Do we need to be happy with these kind of numbers than the 25 pts and 20 rebound performances he used to put up? The question is,  while he will get a little healthier, will he ever really be back to 100%. And more importantly is his less that 100% still good enough for the Celtics to win it all? That is the question to be looked at all year long.

Remember Garnett is playing his 15th season in the NBA. That is a LOT of  games and as much of a genetic marvel as he is, everyone slows down a little. But I’d still take an 80% Kevin Garnett with his 110% intensity than nearly any big man in the league.

Next up-The Phoenix Suns, a real opponent and a real game with a real active big man in Amare Stoudemire. A nice test for Garnett and the 6-0 Celtics to stay undefeated.



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