What else can ail Bruins?

Not being able to score a goal for nearly 3 entire games is bad enough by itself but having one of your most capable scorers get infected with the H1N1 virus shows just how badly everything is going for the Bruins right now.

Most importantly, 23 year old Dave Krejci has been quarantined after catching the swine flu and is out for an indefinite period of time. With Players from both Detroit and Edmonton, 2 teams that the Bruins have recently played, being infected with H1N1, you’ve got to wonder if this is going to become a league wide epidemic.

Players told me yesterday that they have become a little more OCD recently in staying sanitized but that they are not panicked. They say that they are doing all that they are told to try and avoid the H1N1 virus but the fact remains that they are in a close quarters environment that would seem to be very susceptible to spreading germs.

Now, on the ice, the results have not been good. Last night the team finally scores a goal in the final minute of their game (their 1st goal in nearly 3 games) but it was only good enough to get into overtime where they lost in a shootout.

A season which started with such high expectations has slogged along at a .500 clip. Not what long suffering, diehard Bruins fans had in mind.



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