Brady vs Manning

The Rivalry continues and today Tom Brady recalled the 1st time the 2 future hall of fame QBs met saying that before the 1st time they played against each other, September 30, 2001, Manning came up to Brady and introduced himself. Brady today said his reply was “No Shi_”.

Now, knowing how respectful Tom Brady is (and how much more so he was then as a young inexperienced quarterback on the verge of his very 1st start in the NFL)  I seriously doubt that was in fact Brady’s reaction.

Brady’s Patriots won that game 44-13 and won 5 of 8 games against Manning’s Colts since. But after winning the 1st 5 meetings between the 2 quarterbacks, Brady has lost 3 of the last 4 including the last big game these 2 played- the 2007 AFC championship game.

The 2 quarterbacks careers continue to move on parallel tracks. The last time they met  both teams were undefeated. Brady’s Pats won that one 24-20. This year Manning’s Colts are undefeated while the Pats are 6 and 2, but the QBs stats are eerily similar. Manning has thrown 313 passes with 16 TDs and 5 Interceptions. Brady has thrown just 3 less passes resulting in the same number of TDs and interceptions.

Some say the Colts undefeated record is not that impressive since just 2 of the 8 teams they have defeated have winning records. Well guess what other team has only played 2 teams with winning records? That’s right- the Patriots, who are 1-1 in those games.

Their will be a lot of hype over this game in the next 5 days. Most of it will be deserved because maybe never in the history of the professional football have 2 of the (5?) greatest quarterbacks of all time played each other so often with so much on the line ( 4 playoff games).



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