Belichick, Brady, Moss back to Normal

Bill Belichick admitting (with a chuckle) that he may have sworn once in his 35 years of coaching and Tom Brady saying that he in fact does his own ironing (as the picture in GQ depicts…please) and does his own laundry and cooking (puleeeease). Ah, everything is again back to normal in Foxboro including Randy Moss being a prima-donna.

Moss was irate that reporters, when interviewing Tom Brady,  spilled over into his locker area (which is immediately next to Brady’s). Moss wasn’t actually there (actually most players are not at their lockers during the media accessibility), but then again he couldn’t have been because of the horde of reporters. Moss usually stays at his locker during the weekly Brady session just to get in the media’s way. I know it is his locker area but he isn’t actually doing anything there except sitting and texting people. It is quite a scene. Maybe next week Brady will go back to the podium and away from Sir Moss’s locker area.

Plenty of questions today about the Jets and not many answers, just everyone admitting that they have to play better than they did on September 20 when the Patriots lost to the Jets 16-9. To see what Bill Belichick is really thinking watch SportsCenter 5 at 6.

This game has all the makings of a blowout. The Jets are slumping, having lost 5 of their last 6 while the Patriots haven’t lost 2 in a row in over 3 years. This one could get ugly, if you’re a Jets fan.



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