Brady-Brees and Tiger

No one is happier about the timing of tonight’s Tom Brady-Drew Brees match-up than Tiger Woods and Elin “3 iron” Woods. (not only does her slender figure resemble a 3 iron but apparently no one swings a 3 iron with more venom than Elin proven by her connecting with Tiger’s face and the back window of his Cadillac SUV… Tiger knew when he bought that car that he should have spent the added money on that extra-bullet proof glass).

So, yes, it is time to bump Tiger to a later Tee time and now focus all of our attention on tonight’s Patriots-Saints game on Channel 5. Can the Patriots stop the explosive Saints offense? I don’t think so. So can the Patriots outscore the Saints? Good question and one that I will answer in a few hours as we get closer to kick-off and our pre-game show on Channel 5 which will feature an exclusive interview with Tedy Bruschi and Bill Belichick.



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