Brady-Brees II

If Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have said it once they have said it a thousand times “You have got to win the turnover battle”, and that is where I think this game will be won.

So Let’s take a quick look at how these teams match up in that category.

INTERCEPTIONS Tom Brady-6, Drew Brees-9    advantage PATRIOTS

FUMBLES Patriots-4,  Saints-10                            Advantage PATRIOTS

INTERCEPTIONS CAUSED Patriots-13, Saints-20   Advantage SAINTS

FUMBLES RECOVERED  Patriots-9, Saints-9   Advantage- EVEN

So it appears that the Patriots have the advantage in this category. A Closer look reveals that the Patriots may have an even bigger advantage in the interceptions thrown category considering Brady throws more passes than Brees so Brady’s interception percentage compared to Bree’s makes it even more clear.

Now having said all of that, I think the Saints defense is better than the Patriots with more playmakers-look out for New Orleans Darren Sharper, who is the Saints version of Rodney Harrison. This is the ultimate test for the Patriots defense.

My prediction? Tune in at 8 O’clock for our pre-game show.



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