Belichick’s Monday thoughts

This should be a short blog. Belichick’s thoughts after that loss in Miami? Ouch

He is late, surprise. Scheduled for 11:45, It is now just about 12 Noon .He’s probably trying to invent things to say that will take up the 15 minutes of time he usually spends with us 3 times a week.

Just walked in, with grey hoodie.

-“Disappointing loss, look at film and try to correct mistakes. Came down to a handful of plays-they made them and we didn’t. we’re 7-5, Doesn’t matter how we got there, win 7 lose 5, lose 5 win 7. Now it’s a One game season-Carolina. Gotta play better, coach better, blah,blah”

Now talking about interception in end zone, not saying much at such a low level we can hardly hear him.

Talking about team defense, not specificcaly pass rush. Didn’t do a good job on 3rd down, and for that matter 4th down.

“We had our opportunities and didnt take advantage of them. Had opprtunities offensively and in kicking game to close it out and didn’t do it. Look at other games and same thing, like Indy” “Not one thing, just comes down to playing your best football at critical times in game and we just didn’t do it.” ” we weren’t very productive in our kickoff return game, better earlier part of year”.

“Got to play our best football at critical times”

“Talking about darius Butler and his ups and downs but not blaming loss on him.”

On changes- “You look at it each week, whatever gives us best chance to win. This week its Carolina. Do what you feel is best”

Not willing to talk about Charlie Weiss and his future in NFL, just focsuing in on Carolina.

Talking very broadly and generically about 4th down decisions. Decision based on specific situation not on statistics or percentages which say this or that.

“Talk to you tomorrow”



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