What is with the Patriots?

Have the Patriots begun the downward slide that we all knew would come, someday? It wasn’t supposed to come so soon, was it? Tom Brady is just 32, which should still be the peak of his career, whether he is coming off knee surgery or not. So what is with those 2 interceptions?

Brady received very little help from Randy Moss on interception #1 in the end zone, but then again when has Randy Moss ever been known as a fighter? Talented?-Absolutely! a fighter?-remember the long passes Brady threw at the end of the Super Bowl against the Giants? Moss didn’t exactly look like the game was on the line, much less a Super Bowl.

The Patriots defense is definitely not strong enough to get the team to the Super Bowl. But the offense’s performance, especially yesterday, is very troubling. Little to no running game. Besides 2 long TD’s to Sam Aiken and Randy Moss, the Pats offense looked ordinary. Ordinary? with Tom Brady and Randy Moss, who besides the long TD had just 1 catch for 6 yards? 1 Catch for 6 yards!

And has Belichick just given up on the running game. I think Lawrence Maroney is running as hard as he ever has. But it all comes back to Brady. In 10 years I have never seen him make a play like that which ended the game, on a losing note. I think that was just a bad hiccup, a real bad hiccup. Brady is too good, too tough, but he needs help. He needs some character to step up in that locker room. But I’m not sure where it’s going to come from. If it doesn’t come, the downward slide will continue. Until then it will be all out denial, one game at a time, you know the usual rhetoric. But the proof is in the record which has been a shade over 500.

But remember, it is just the regular season, 4 more games to tune it up. Patriots, don’t wait until game #4.



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