Patriot arrested

I know it was just “Pat Patriot” who was arrested in a prostitute sting operation in Providence (you just can not make this stuff up) but that pretty much shows you how this week has gone for the Patriots, a week that should be the most memorable of weeks for Tom Brady and his wife Giselle who gave birth to the couple’s 1st child on Tuesday.

Now, what about the Patriots on the field, which is exactly where Adalius Thomas will not be after publicly expressing his dismay at being sent home on Wednesday for being late. Around Foxboro, expressing surprise at anything Bill Belichick does is flat-out insubordination and so Thomas will not play or even dress for todays game as his name is on today’s 7 player inactive list. Now Thomas has not exactly been dominant this season, but could the team use his help- I think so, but Belichick has sent his message. Belichick has no one to blame but himself as he signed Thomas as a free agent guaranteeing Thomas 20 million dollars.

So what about the game? What about who is going to play? Like Tom Brady. He is not 100%, but he’s fine. He’ll play but I expect Lawrence Maroney to be a big factor in today’s game which will be a close one. The Panthers are not bad and because the Patriots are not great- this is going to be a close one.

More coming up closer to game time.



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