Belickick speaks

Patriots Players were given a very uncharacteristic day off today. So today’s only source of info in Foxboro was Bill Belichick (now that is an oxymoron)

“I’m doing good.”  Those were Bill’s 1st comments today. He complemented the whole team on yesterday’s performance from their practices and preparation all last week to executing it yesterday.

When asked if he had thought about how much he would play Tom Brady and the rest of his starters this week Belichick said he hadn’t thought about it.  ? When asked specifically how much they would play, Belichick said he would do what he thought was best for the team. Really? Are you sure about that Bill?

We will not know until the offense takes the field on Sunday in Houston. And we will not know (if Brady plays) how much Brady will play until each time the offense takes the field. That’s the way it has always been under Belichick and the way it will always be.

I mean really, if Belichick is going to play Brian Hoyer at quarterback he doesn’t want to tip his hand, you know so Houston can prepare for Hoyer since there is so much available video out there on Hoyer who has thrown a total of 15 passes this year.



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