Red Sox 3rd base conundrum, or is it?

With spring training about 6 weeks away, the Red Sox finally got their 3rd baseman, and I’m not talking Mike Lowell (tho they still have him too, for now anyway).

Adrian Beltre has agreed to terms on a 1 year guaranteed deal worth 10 million -9 million for this year and a 1 year guaranteed buyout for next year where the Red Sox could pay him another 5 million to stick around for 2011, but don’t count on that.

The good news is that Beltre can really play defense winning a gold glove in 20027 and 2008. And Beltre , who 5 years ago hit 44 home runs.has the potential to hit well in Fenway.

The Bad news- Last year Beltre missed 51 games with an assortment of injuries. So in 111 games he hit just 8 home runs, which projects to only 14 home runs if he played the entire 162 game schedule. He will be 31 years old near the start of the season. He looks to be a one year stopgap measure at 3rd as he will be eligible to hit the free agent market next season where he hopes to again make close to the 12 Million dollars he made last year.

He is stocky- 222 pounds at 5 foot 11, not that there is anything wrong with that. He is from the Dominican Republic so he will gravitate toward the teams King of the Dominican-David Ortiz which is a good thing.

Now what about 2007 World Series MVP and all around good guy Mike Lowell, and his 12 million dollar salary. Theo Epstein will attempt to virtually give him away during the next 3 months before the regular season begins. If not- he will be a very expensive back up 3rd baseman/DH.



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