The Patriots have prepared a big pre-game pyrotechnic show, but what they had better be ready to execute is there pyrotechnic show during the game.

So what is todays game going to come down to? Whether or not Julian Edelman can fill Wes Welkler’s shoes? The Ravens 3rd ranked defense against the Patriots 3rd ranked offense? Can the return of Vince Wilfork negate the Ravens 5th ranked Rush offense?

What, inevitably, this game will come down is Tom Brady vs Joe Flacco. Remind yourself again that this is a quarterback driven league and the play of these 2 guys will eventually decide todays game. So, given that, you’ve got to like the Patriots chances, despite the Ravens impressive pressing defense.

Brady has been sacked just 18 times all year. That’s just over once a game. If the Patriots offensive line can continue with that protection, quite simply, the Patriots will win.

On the other side of the ball is Joe Flacco. Nice kid, decent quarterback, but not one which will win you a game, but he can certainly lose one.

So their it is, and with the game to be decided by the QB’s, you’ve got to like the Patriots chances, but it is not going to be easy because Brady is going to be pressured. So todays secret star? My vote goes to Kevin Faulk who will be Brady’s security blanket to offset the Ravens pressure. 20-17 Pats



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