Celtics get YMCA win

Note: Time to move on from the Patriots, way too depressing, for now anyway.

In case you missed last night’s Celtics game in favor of your own pick-up/ymca/city league game, you made the right decision. In fact your team may have given the Nets a run for their money (and the way the Nets played they should have been forced to give their money back, at least to the fans, and their weren’t many, who paid for tickets to last night’s go thru the motions game).

OK, the Nets are awful, on pace for the worst record in the history of the NBA. They do have some decent players and, while watching last night’s game (Yes, I must admit to being that sick of a basketball fan that I did watch the whole thing, tho on DVR so I did it in less than an hour and half, – hey, could end up being part of history…gotta try to rationalize it somehow), they should not be that bad tho their was a play at the end of the half with .09 seconds left when on a simple screen play 2 Nets players went to one Celtics leaving Ray Allen wide open for a lay-up at the buzzer. Basketball IQ is not their strength.

The Celtics played a little like it was a pick-up game, tho every game Rondo plays these days looks like he is toying with the opposition. Fancy passes to lay-ups here, alley-oop dunks there. Entertaining for a while if you are a Celtics fan. But at the end of the 1st half my family agreed that it was sad for the Nets and we couldn’t even make light. We felt sorry for them. No one should be that bad.

If it was a kids game you would probably go over to the other coach and talk to him about taking it easy on your outmatched team. I don’t think Doc needed to be talked to. His players eased up a little in the 2nd half and the Nets played a little better actually cutting the 37 point halftime lead to just 19 at one stage before finally refocusing and making it a 24 point final margin. (Oh, and did I mention that Garnett and Rasheed didn’t even play?)

Some much needed rest for the Celtics starters, whose minutes the coaches somehow cant figure out how to manage during normal games. In other words they are playing too much!

So bring on the Bulls on Thursday night and watch out for yet another all-star type performance from Rondo who always raises his game for the Bulls Derrick Rose.



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