Colts, Saints silence critics

For the last 3 to 4 weeks, the so called experts were all over the Colts (and Saints) for resting their starters. “How could they not go for the undefeated regular season?”. That’s what the short sighted “experts” said? How are those “experts” looking now after the Colts(and the Saints) manhandled their 1st round playoff opponent(s). Looks like that rest did not turn out to be rust.

Even after Wes Welkers ill fated injury during the last game of the regular season many people still didn’t get it. In the overall scheme of things the regular season means little, as long as you have clinched a playoff spot. Right now the Patriots look to be the worst team in the entire playoffs. Meanwhile the rested Colts and Saints move on to their Conference championship games. Peyton Manning and Drew Brees look fresh and sharp. 

Their was no good reason for Tom Brady and a number of starters to play that final regular season game. It certainly did not make them sharper. Maybe Bill Belichick isn’t quite the genius so many fans profess him to be. Vince Lombardi couldn’t win without without a good quarterback and a good defense. Belichick has a good quarterback. He’d better figure out how to acquire some good defensive players because right now the Patriots are no better than the 6th best team in the AFC (Ok maybe 5th since the Bengals are also pretenders) .



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