Garden Jinx

What has happened to Boston’s previously impenetrable “home court/ice advantage” of Boston Garden. All of a sudden our home town teams are losing in front of their home town fans. Have the fans gotten soft? Is the Garden just not that intimidating of a place anymore?

Monday was supposed to be a great day at the Garden, instead it was double disappointment. Maybe we should have figured it out early by the way the Bruins started off in the afternoon.

The start to the Bruins game was so bad that B’s Goalie Tim Thomas, who had beaten The Ottawa Senators 11 straight times, was pulled midway thru the 2nd period after falling behind 3-0 on just 9 shots. Tukka Rask proceeded to give up a 4th goal just a few minutes later. Ouch.

Unfortunately the Celtics followed suit but it took them a little longer as they actually led at halftime. Rasheed Wallace was supposed to help the Celtics recent home slide but he  couldn’t guard the Mavericks Dirk Nowitski who had 37 points on the way to a 99-90 Dallas win. That is 3 straight home losses for the Celtics. Their record on the road is better than it is at the Garden. Red Auerbach is turning over in his grave, and probably yelling as well.

The Celtics next home game is Friday night against the Portland Trailblazers. Will playing at the Garden be enough to propel the Celtics to a win? Ugh, who would have ever thought it would come to this? All of a sudden we’ve been reduced to the fates and fortunes of other cities? Just like other cities?- Please, say it isn’t so.



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