Brady out? What a surprise!

At Tom Brady’s press conference following the Patriots post season loss to Baltimore, he was asked if would go to the Pro Bowl. Brady did his best to conceal flat out laughter as he responded ,”we’ll see how I feel in a few days and then make a decision”. The decision had been made almost as soon as he was selected the Pro-Bowl.

The Pro Bowl, to those who have been there a few times, is just not that big of a deal, especially now thats it is held in Florida and not in Hawaii which was an obvious draw. And to those who have been battling any kind of injury, it just isn’t going to happen. Brady made that official today saying that he will not play in this years Pro Bowl which for the 1st time is being held the week before the Super Bowl.

—And did you see that Rasheed Wallace got fined 35,000 dollars for criticizing officials? Wow, It must have been something he said to the officials on the court (they do wear microphones) .because he did not rip them after the game.

Even for someone making over 5 million dollars a year the fine seems steep.


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