Celtics-What’s wrong?

Celtics Chief Danny Ainge knew what he was getting when he signed Rasheed Wallace, but somehow he probably thought that the Celtics could bring out the best in him more often that had been his norm. So much for wishful thinking.

Now, Rasheed is far from the Celtics only problem but his lackadaisical play on defense seems to be infectious, which makes Doc Rivers sick to his stomach.

Last night’s loss to Detroit, the Celtics 3rd straight loss is yet another example of the Celtics problems continuing and even getting worse, certainly not getting better. They look very tired, uninspired, apathetic.

I know that it is only the regular season but the Celtics are developing some bad habits, habits that they need to turn around if they are going to contend for a championship. Right now they are not close to that.

Kevin Garnett returns to the lineup Friday night. The intensity he brings will help, a lot, but he is not 100% so he cannot dominate like he used to. Will he bring out the best in Rasheed. Celtics fans can only hope.



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