Garden Jinx II

With the Bruins loss last night, let’s now count up where the Garden losing streak stands. Let’s see, that’s 4 straight losses at home for the Bruins, 3 straight for the Celtics, 1 for Boston’s entry in the MLL-the Blazers.

Now we could take this a step further. You could include all local teams in local venues, so throw in the Patriots home playoff loss AND the Redox last playoff loss at Fenway, that’s 10 straight losses by home teams in local venues.

The local teams just can not be this bad, can they? Are local fans just not bringing it like they used to to give the teams the home court advantage they deserve? Or is the solution as simple as just playing a little better and a little harder?

The Celtics tonight have a chance to put an end to this losing streak when they host the Portland Trailblazers. But This will be no easy task as the Trailblazers have the 5th best record in the West. But tonight should mark the return of Kevin Garnett who has missed the Celtics last 10 games. Is putting an end to this losing streak as easy as adding arguably the most intense and competitive player in his sport? We’ll see .



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