Celtics in trouble?

No, I’m not overreacting to one loss but I am looking at the whole picture here and right now it is blurry because of the health of Kevin Garnett.

If Kevin Garnett doesn’t get healthier, the Celtics have no chance of winning a championship. Do I think he will get better-Yes. Do I think he’ll get healthy enough to be able to win a title-I have very serious doubts.

Last night’s loss to Orlando was painful but it also brought out Garnett’s lack of mobility on the game’s final defensive play which was a lay-up by Rshard Lewis who Garnett was (supposed to be) guarding. Painful indeed.

This whole Garnett deal -return from off season surgery, is painful (no pun intended) because no one tries harder but as hard as Garnett tries, right now he is just not physically able. I put him at about 80% which is still just about as good or better than anyone else, but not the dominant Garnett that the Celtics need to win a championship.

To make matters worse, this is a guy who the Celtics are committed to for 20 million dollars a year for 2 seasons after this one. That is alot of money for a guy who is not 100%. The Celtics certainly understand the long term picture so expect Garnett to get some more time off this season to try and get this leg healthy.

In the meantime the Celtics can win alot of games, like they did last year, with Big Baby and now Rasheed filling in. So let’s go, give KG some rest here and there and hope that he can regain most of the strength in his left leg.



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