So can the Celtics beat the Lakers?

Before the Celtics began this tough 3 game weekend against 3 of the best 5 teams in the league my son and I came to a unanimous decision- the Celtics would win just one of the 3 games. We were leaning strongly toward thursday night’s game in Orlando. We should have been right after watching them blow a 14 pt 3rd quarter lead. Knowing what an awful matchup the Hawks are for the Celtics, our 2nd choice was beating the Lakers. But the way the Celtics have been playing, can they actually beat the Lakers?

All of the Lakers worst memories from the 2008 finals are going to be rekindled today. And most of those bad memories come from being out muscled, not being tough as the Celtics. The Celtics come into todays game with a chip on their shoulder, having lost their last 2 games and with a little something to prove. The murmurs are out there that father time is catching up with the Celtics, quickly. Will 14 year veteran Kevin Garnett ever be 100%? 34 year old Ray Allen doesn’t have the lift in his jump shot. 33 year old Paul Pierce has some games where he looks like he has played almost 1,000 games.

Today, the Celtics manage to put all of those doubts behind them. Timing is everything in life and today the timing is bad for the Lakers and good for the Celtics. It’s not going to be easy but the Lakers Paul Gasol is going to be looking for the nearest whirlpool after playing against Kendrick Perkins. And no one loves playing against the Lakers than L-A native Paul Pierce and when Pierce plays well it opens up alot of opportunities for Ray Allen. The Lakers Derrick Fisher cannot guard Rajon Rondo. Oh, Ron Artest will frustrate Paul Pierce a little, but if Pierce can stay patient he is going to like todays outcome.



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