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Moss-No, Beckett-Yes, Garnett-Yes, Pierce-No
February 22, 2010

Oh Randy Moss, so you won’t re-sign with the Patriots after next season? Oh yes you will if they offer you another 7-9 million per year, but if they don’t (and they won’t) then take your game and your 33 year old body to the highest bidder. Just don’t expect a farewell tour-you’ve been a pain in the arse since you got here, really. Entertaining-absolutely, but don’t go embarrassing defenseless Patriots PR people in front of others when they had nothing to do with your complaint. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

Josh Beckett ? Now he is a gamer. also not the most friendly person in the world but that is usually forgiven when you can deliver like he has. (…Oh yah, Moss, don’t be afraid to try a little harder on Brady’s last 2 passes in the Super Bowl). Beckett is looking to break the bank after this season, that’s not going to happen here. His loss will be a big one. Let’s just hope he doesn’t head to Yankee stadium.

Kevin Garnett showed Celtics fans over this past weekend why they should still have hopes for a championship. he is not all the way back but showed some serious glimpses that he is closer to 85% than 70%.

Paul Pierce needs a week off. What he’ll get is probably 3 days off. he needs time off after hyper extending his right thumb in the Lakers game. he couldn’t shoot for 2 games afterwards. Courageous of him to play, but the Celtics don’t need heroes in February. Take the Knicks game off and rest up for LeBron and company on Thursday.



What Tiger SHOULD say
February 18, 2010

The criticism has already begun for the format of Tiger Woods press conference tomorrow in Florida. The super controlling Tiger and his entourage is controlling this as well. No Questions, one camera and just close friends and close reporters.  I say why not? Wouldn’t you do the exact same thing?

1st off, despite the media critics (ESPN and most tabloid journalists) Tiger does not owe anybody a full explanation of all the sordid details. As enquiring(nosy) as the American public has become, Tiger doesn’t have to answer to any of them. He has to answer to just his family and maybe a few friends (and quite frankly I think Tiger doesn’t have more than a few freinds).

Tiger has been given some bad advice over the years from his entourage. Since he 1st catapulted to golf greatness he has drawn a definitive line of seperation from way too many people. NOTE: In my limited dealings/interviews with Tigers, He has always been very polite. However I think very little of his caddie (rude) and his agent who I understand has to be the bad guy but he is just not nearly as nice as he should be because, well,  quite frankly he hasn’t needed to be.  Everyone has kissed Tiger’s behind. Well guess what- that has changed. I think Tiger’s wife Elan needs to fire Tiger’s agent because obviously he had to have known most everything that was going on.

OK, so what should Tigers say? The very 1st thing (and last thing-repeating it at the end of the statement) he should say is that this is the 1st and LAST time that he will address all that has taken place off the golf course over the past several years. He should say that he will not take any questions concerning hi personal life. He just won’t. He should apologize to his fans but this is a very private matter and the only people who need an explanation is members of his family and he has tried to do that.

He should then address his fans apologizing for letting them down. He cannot do this enough. The general Public/Fans need to be given a lot of respect. If they aren’t, they will be riding him for many years, so Tiger, give them the utmost repect.

I think that this will not be a long statement. He might even throw a bone to the thirsting tabloids and say that his car accident came after a disagreement with his wife that he was very distraught over.

Announce when you are coming back to play golf- I’d say about 3 weeks, and then finish with another apology mentioning that this is the last time that he would address any of this.

Tiger,Good Luck.


Time for Celtics to Put Up!
February 16, 2010


I know the saying goes “It’s Time to Put up or Shut up” but since these Celtics will never shut-up, led by Kevin Garnett who was voted by a 65% majority as the biggest trash talker in the NBA, it is now time to just “Put up”.

The Celtics tonight start the “2nd Half of the season”, tho they have just 32 games left after playing 50 so far. The problem is how they have played those 50, more specifically the last 22 where they’ve gone a very disappointing 9-13. So, do they have enough left in those old legs to ramp turn it on and elevate their game to be a contender, because with the trading deadline just 2 days away, it appears that Danny Ainge will be sticking with those old legs. (He’s listening but not hearing anything he thinks will improve his team).

Right now the Celtics are in 4th place in the East. They need to jump over Atlanta and Orlando to get to 2nd and it won’t take much to do that except they start this “2nd half” on the west coast with 4 games against the Kings, Lakers, Trailblazers and Nuggets. They have to win 2 of these. The Celtics have actually been a better team on the road this year than at home.

It starts tonight in Sacramento with a very winnable game. It should be a warm up game for Paul Pierce who played a team low 12 minutes in Sunday’s all-star game, and Kevin Garnett who played just 13 minutes on Sunday. They haven’t exerted themselves in 6 days. Some say that it has been a lot longer than that. Garnett has to start showing us something or it is going to be an early exit from the playoffs.


Trade Ray Allen?- No Way
February 11, 2010

This may have been the worst/ugliest Celtics performance of the year. Rajon Rando (let’s hope he was sick) made the Hornets Darren Collison look like he should be going to the all-star game instead of Rondo. Paul Pierce couldn’t do much of anything in the 2nd half. Kevin Garnett was just as ineffective. This went beyond discouraging, it was depressing for Celtics fans everywhere. And now they have 6 days to think about it until their next game.

Father time (and injuries) is rearing his ugly head on the Celtics, specifically Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett ? An older Ray Allen plays like he is 5 years younger than his 2 younger teammates so stop the trade Ray Allen talk which is mostly made up jibberish anyway.

The Celtics blew another 2nd half lead last night. You can’t blame Ray Allen for this loss-he was out with back spasms. With him out and the team needing a lift, especially offensively, Paul Pierce had 2 2nd half points. Kevin Garnett had 7 points-Total. Pierce and Garnett who are trying to get themselves 100% healthy, both look much older than their elder teammate Ray Allen. Garnett looks no better than he did 3 months ago. That is not good.

Oh Yah, then there is 35 year old Rasheed Wallace. Wallace is competitive but he looks to not enjoy what he is doing. Do you work with someone like this? They are not fun to deal with. Wallace has only been with the Celtics for 6 months but his act is already growing old (so is he).

The teams recent (prolonged) slump (9-13)  makes this situation an even more difficult one to manage for Coach Doc Rivers. Veterans who were once great, always think they are great. Right now none of them are great, and it is doubtful that they can turn the clock back. Change is needed. An attitude change might be the most difficult one to execute. Some kind of personnel change might be necessary. That is the challenge facing Celtics boss Danny Ainge. Good Luck.


Bob Halloran: Marathon Man (Part III)
February 10, 2010

(note: Bob is going to provide weekly diaries as he prepares for the Boston Marathon. We’ll provide links to all of the previous posts in each new one, or you can click on the Boston Marathon tag below.)

Read Part I here.

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It’s not easy to sum up who or what you are in a word or two. I guess your response depends on your mood or your current position in life. A long time ago, I was single. Later, married. Then a father. All the while I was also a broadcaster or a writer. Someday when the last mortgage payment is finally made, I’ll be a homeowner. But right now, I’m a runner.

With apologies to my wife and kids, to Channel 5, and to the publisher of “Irish Thunder” and the soon to be released “Breakdown” about Chelsea kids playing high school football in a gang environment, I am not a husband, father, broadcaster or writer. These days I am a runner – a runner who is willing to shamelessly plug the August release of his next book. Did I mention it’s called “Breakdown”?

Anyway, I know the exact moment I became a runner. It wasn’t the first ten-miler, or the first time I ate a packet of GU. It wasn’t even the moment I set my alarm for 5 a.m. to get up and run with a small running club in my town. It was when the alarm went off and I got up. I didn’t have to get up, but I – wait for it – wanted to get up! Only a runner wants to get up and run at 5 a.m. on a 16 degree day in February. So, at least for now, I am a runner.

I’m still new to this whole thing. Still learning what to eat and when, how to hydrate and with what. Still learning which pains are safe and which ones might be a precursor to injury. And last week I learned what it’s like to run in a group. And I learned that I liked it very much.

They call themselves the Lower Mills Running Club, or something like that. It’s just a small group of friends who run every Saturday morning at 6:00. They run year round, but now is when they get serious about the Boston Marathon, which each of them has run multiple times.

“Everybody here?”

Boom! We’re off! Pretty good pace. Hope I’m ready. Are we really gonna talk the whole way? Yeah, kids are good. Job’s fine. Did you know I have a new book coming out? Wow, we must be five miles out by now, and I haven’t even felt like I’ve been running. Hills are still tough. Can’t talk now. Am I the only one who brought stuff to drink? Overzealous rookie, I guess. How far do you think we ran? 10.6? Not bad. Let’s shoot for at least 12 next Saturday. See you then!

I thought running with the group was much easier than running by myself, especially mentally. Four of us ran pretty tight most of the way, and in some strange way, I think we were all helping each other. It’s weird. And while it seemed easier DURING the run, recovery was just as hard as it usually is.

Still, after a decent week of training all alone, I’m starting to look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday morning. After all, we’ve got this common bond. We’re runners.

Nine? Nein!
February 5, 2010

Ridiculous. How else can you explain this Bruins losing streak. 9 Straight losses? Being bad alone can not produce 9 straight losses. In hockey you can almost back your way into a win, now and then anyway. But you have to score, more than one goal.

It’s now been over 3 weeks since the Bruins last won a game. 3 weeks! While a lot of Bruins fans are at wit’s end with their team, dealing with this team on a regular basis makes you a little more empathetic. Hockey players have always been the least spoiled and most respectful and well-mannered athletes to deal with. These Bruins are no different. They are trying, they just can’t score, or at least they can’t score enough.

Saturday afternoon the task of breaking the streak doesn’t get any easier as the Vancouver Canucks make their only Boston appearance of the year. The Canucks presently hold the 3rd best record in the Western Conference.  The Bruins have not won a game at the Garden this calendar year. 0-8. Ouch. The Madness must stop, it has to stop…hopefully, for the Bruins and their faithful fans.


Bomb Squad: Pierce In, House Out Of 3-Point Contest
February 3, 2010

The NBA 3-Point Shootout during All-Star Weekend will feature some green. Sources tell SportsCenter 5 that captain Paul Pierce will take part in the event, which is set for Saturday, February 13 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

The NBA will release the full list of participants later tonight. Phoenix Suns center Channing Frye has said he will be taking part.

One name fans will not see on that list is reserve guard Eddie House. Fans rallied behind him after the team released a series of humorous House videos, one of which featured him shoveling off an outdoor court to practice.

For the record, Pierce is the better shooter THIS SEASON (46.7% for Pierce, 36.7% for House), but House holds the career edge, 39.3% to Pierce’s 37.0%. House also has an extremely quick release that would seemingly give him an edge in a competition like this, as opposed to Pierce’s more deliberate motion.

No Need For Alarm With Pierce Injury
February 2, 2010

UPDATE: The Celtics just released the following statement:

“The Boston Celtics announced today that forward Paul Pierce suffered a strained left mid-foot during the first quarter against the Washington Wizards on February 1. He is currently listed as day-to-day.”

As we first reported earlier, Pierce is only expected to miss a couple of games. We wouldn’t be surprised to see him back out there for the Orlando game Sunday.

There are a number of reports that Celtics captain Paul Pierce suffered a broken foot last night against the Wizards and will miss significant time.

But sources are telling SportsCenter 5 that while a final diagnosis has not yet been made, the team does not believe Pierce’s injury is serious. It’s most likely a sprain or a strain. He may even be able to suit up tomorrow night against the Heat, but the reality is that the team (wisely) may force him to take a couple of games off, perhaps Miami and lowly New Jersey before coming back for Sunday’s game against Orlando (2:30 on Channel 5).

This has to be the best case scenario for the Celtics considering how nasty Pierce’s fall looked at the time. Pierce is still the Celtics’ best go-to-guy, even if Rajon Rondo has emerged as the one guy they can’t live without.

Don’t be discouraged
February 1, 2010

With the loss to the Lakers, the mob mentality is that the Celtics are now, officially, too old. I’m not ready to go there, not yet anyway.

The Celtics should have beaten the Lakers and would have had not the referee made a very uncharacteristic (aka, bad) call on Paul Pierce in the last 27 seconds (ON the Celtics home court yet). Having said that, the Celtics should haved been able to put the Lakers away after leading L-A by 11 pts with 9 plus minutes left in the game.

A number of things went wrong and the Celtics did not play one of their better games but still had a chance to pull this one out in the last minute. Are the Celtics flawed?- a little, but the Lakers are supposed to be one of the 2 best teams in the league and it’s not like they dominated the Celtics. The supposedly uncontainable Kobe Bryant was in fact contained(19 pts). I know he hit the game winner but so did Paul Pierce, whoops he was called for a foul.

Now the Celtics have to make some minor tweaks, like playing time. Doc has got to limit the minutes of his 30 something group. Exhibit A- yesterday Tony Allen was the Celtics best player in the 1st half yet only played 4 minutes in the 2nd half while Ray Allen played 34 minutes. Too many with a viable option right in front of you.

Now this weekend produced no wins but hopefully produced a little wake up call. The window is shutting on this 30 something team but it is not closed yet.