Don’t be discouraged

With the loss to the Lakers, the mob mentality is that the Celtics are now, officially, too old. I’m not ready to go there, not yet anyway.

The Celtics should have beaten the Lakers and would have had not the referee made a very uncharacteristic (aka, bad) call on Paul Pierce in the last 27 seconds (ON the Celtics home court yet). Having said that, the Celtics should haved been able to put the Lakers away after leading L-A by 11 pts with 9 plus minutes left in the game.

A number of things went wrong and the Celtics did not play one of their better games but still had a chance to pull this one out in the last minute. Are the Celtics flawed?- a little, but the Lakers are supposed to be one of the 2 best teams in the league and it’s not like they dominated the Celtics. The supposedly uncontainable Kobe Bryant was in fact contained(19 pts). I know he hit the game winner but so did Paul Pierce, whoops he was called for a foul.

Now the Celtics have to make some minor tweaks, like playing time. Doc has got to limit the minutes of his 30 something group. Exhibit A- yesterday Tony Allen was the Celtics best player in the 1st half yet only played 4 minutes in the 2nd half while Ray Allen played 34 minutes. Too many with a viable option right in front of you.

Now this weekend produced no wins but hopefully produced a little wake up call. The window is shutting on this 30 something team but it is not closed yet.



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